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Jessica  Holt
8th Grade Social Studies and English Language Arts
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  • Bachelors Degree from UNC-Charlotte in Middle School Education.
  • Masters Degree from Appalachian State University in Administration.


Teaching Experience:

  • 1 year in Union County at East Union Middle School teaching 8th grade Language Arts.
  • I begin teaching at SWRMS in 2009, where I have taught 7th and 8th grade Social Studies and 8th grade Language Arts. 


  • Student Council sponsor.  
  • 8th grade Outer Banks fieldtrip coordinator.
  • 8th grade Beta Club chair.
  • Battle of the Books Teacher Reader.
  • Olweus Committe.
  • MTSS Committe.


Eighth Grade S.S. 

The main goal of this course is to explore the culture and history of the United States with a specific focus on North Carolina.  There is much to be known about our fascinating country and state.  In this class we will be focusing on reading historical documents, writing and critical thinking abilities.


Social Studies Classroom Goal

I believe all students have the ability to shape their own lives in positive ways. My goals are to make the study of history enjoyable and have all students walk away with a more diverse knowledge of our country and state, how it works and how we came to be the nation that we are today.


Why study history?

Everything has a history, even history has a history.  Ideas have a history; they undergo a process of development. They change, are modified, are distributed or are forgotten only to appear years later. We cannot escape the past; it shapes who we are today.