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Deborah Wainright Staff Photo
Subjects Taught


B.S Zoology, University of South Florida, Tampa, Florida

Teaching Certification, Secondary Science Education, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio

Additional Secondary Science Graduate Courses, University of North Carolina, Greensboro, North Carolina


I have been teaching Science and Math in North Carolina for 16 years. I taught High School Science for 2 years in Cincinnati, Ohio after working in the field of Zoology for several years. When I moved to North Carolina, I began teaching Middle School Science and Math in Guilford County. I taught in Guilford County for 9 years and relocated to Randolph County to purchase a farm. This is my 7th year at SWRMS. I truly enjoy living and working in this wonderful and beautiful rural community.

I am committed to making sure your 8th grade student obtains a high quality Science education.  I enjoy combining my love for nature, animals and the out of doors with creating a lasting Science educational experience for your child. The 8th grade year in Science is challenging and more technical than what the students may have experienced before. We also have an End of Grade Test in Science this year. The students will be expected to work hard, and dilegently to learn the material and to study their classwork on a daily basis.

Please know that there are several support staff surrounding your child with what they need to succeed. If your child needs tutoring, I am here after school on Thursdays. If your child should need a counselor, or administrator to speak with, they are also available. I would encourage your child to communicate and advocate for themselves with their teachers. We can address their concerns and come up with strategies to help. 

Thank you for your trust and communication this year. I really appreciate hearing from parents if they have any concerns about curriculum and the social and emotional needs of their child. I am a mother of a now grown Navy sailor, but I remember well what it was like to help and support him through his academic journey. 

Do not hesitate to email me with the link given on the start page, or give me a call at your convenience. I will get back to you within the day or the following morning. Remember I have students from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm and then after school duties so I am not available to email or call you back during those times. 

Sincerely, Deborah Wainright