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Former SWRMS student gives back
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Friday, February 03, 2017
Former SWRMS Student Gives Back
Former SWRMS Student Gives Back
Eagle Scout Project Presented to SWRMS

Former SWRMS student gives back to the school and community that had always been supportive. Nathaniel Bruce searched for an Eagle Scout Project where he could grow and become more successful. He didn’t have to look far. He turned back to the school that he had once attended. Along with the help of his family, Scout Troup, and the school’s Parent Teacher Organization, he was inspired to complete a much needed project. SWRMS had several picnic tables in their courtyard area that over the many years had become weathered and in rough condition. Nathaniel chose as his project to refurbish the tables to beautify the school. He didn’t stop with the thought of a simple restoration, but took the project to an even higher level. A very excited group gathered for an unveiling of this enormous project and was awed with the new and improved versions of the former tables, which boast the school colors along with a huge cougar mascot paw print. In his presentation Nathaniel told how he had received the Inspirational award at SWRSM just a couple of years ago, and how he wanted to give back. It took about 3 months and many hours of hard work for Nathaniel and his helpers to complete this huge task, but the results and Nathaniel’s positive outlook on life continue to provide inspiration to this close-knit community, family, and school. Thanks Nathaniel for a job well done!

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