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SWRMS Guidance Department


Vision and Mission
The Southwestern Randolph Middle School counseling program will provide a safe and orderly educational climate that promotes character development, intellectual, and emotional growth for our student body.

The vision of the Southwestern Randolph Middle School counseling program will be that all students will be academically, socially, and emotionally ready for high school.

We believe that:
• All students can learn.
• All students will be taught in a safe and nurturing learning environment.
• All students deserve a counselor who is qualified, ethical, and well prepared.
• We along with other stakeholders share the responsibility and accountability for student learning.


Guidance Department Services

Services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Indvidual and Group Counseling

Individual and group counseling is available to all students as the need arises. Counseling is provided to meet academic, social, and emotional needs.

  • Classroom Guidance
  • Conferences

The guidance department can assist you with setting up conferences. Please just provide the name of the teacher(s) you would like to meet with and the dates and times that you are available. The counselors will arrange the conference and get back in touch with you.

  • Referrals

The guidance department can help make referrals to other community agencies at a parent's request. Agencies include, but are not limited to, out of school counseling, Salvation Army, assistance programs, and tutoring agencies.

  • Registration

Each year the counselors will provide help with the process of registering for classes. For all grade levels this involves the counselor coming to classes, explaining the process, and handing out forms. 8th graders receive more individualized help for the high school registration process.