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Southwestern Randolph Middle School Band



Classes taught at SW Randolph Middle:

  • 6th Grade Band (2 sections split by woodwinds and brass)
  • 7th Grade Band 
  • 8th Grade Band


My email is  My cell phone number is: 336-355-7316 Please email me if you have questions about the following:

  • How to access the band handbook 
  • A list of private instructors
  • How to donate to the band
  • When concerts are held
  • What to wear to concerts
  • A list of needs for the band
  • Where to shop for instruments
  • What instrument brands I recommend
  • 6th grade band information and registration


Southwestern Randolph Middle School Band Students will:

  • Learn to appreciate and recognize music from around the world
  • Learn to read and perform music on their instrument
  • Develop the skills necessary to successfully perform in instrumental ensembles for the rest of their life
  • Learn to work together within an ensemble with people from all walks of life